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Hi, I’m Bente

A Personal Trainer with an abundance of experience

Hello, Welcome to my webpage, thank you for taking the time. I am a personal trainer with a deep interest in nutrition and dietetics. I love seeing people thrive with an increase in activity and eating a varied diet, which still includes all of your favourites. Helping people find exercise they enjoy can allow people to enjoy more joyful lives. My passion began from an early age and it never left. Working with so many incredible people has been such a gift, which allows me to learn continuously.


Introducing trainingwithbente

We improve lives long term

Our aim is to work with you on a regular contact basis to make you accountable for your nutrition and activity. Sometimes the most simple changes can have the biggest impact. We suit the training around your hours to allow it to become permanent and an easy change to encourage lifestyle changes. I can either train you at your home or you can come to mine for a change of scenery. I have a selection of equipment to allow progression and varied workouts. We begin at your current level and build upon that at a comfortable pace. 


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If you have any fitness or nutrition goals you want to achieve, fill in the contact form to book a zoom call or DM me on instagram

Phone. 07795210060


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