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Exercise Barriers and How to Overcome Them

There are many reasons why people cannot find time each week to exercise on a regular basis. It can help for you to find your "why" for moving more and set time aside for the "when". When exercise isn't a passion of yours can be difficult to find any real reason at all, but your health should always come first.

Knowing that you could improve your longevity, reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and more (NHS, 2021) is a benefit that outweighs all the cons. Not only that, you feel so much better physically and emotionally.

Exercise barriers and Resolving them

1. Time!

When you have a really busy career or have a large family or other time consuming activities, juggling your time can be a real challenge. Also sometimes when you have time issues, the planning it takes and requires can be a pain in the a*se in itself. This is the biggest barrier a lot of people come to me with and I find the simplest and easiest things for each of my clients to do, without it impacting them too much.

Firstly, start with just adding in walks. Park further from the shops or get off a bus stop earlier. Wake 20 minutes before your normal time and just got for a walk. It requires no real thought, lay the clothes out ready and bring a warm drink if you need to.

Exercise doesn't need to be a full on hour at the gym 5 days a week. Simple changes have the biggest impact.

2. Family support (or lack of)

Some of my clients find that their partners are almost against them exercising or trying to better themselves and their health. Sometimes family or friends can be really harsh in what they say, which can put a real downer and reason to not persevere.

This requires so much more of decision making as they can almost create barriers, but firstly ask yourself why! Why are they creating barriers and maybe discuss this with them. If you know their reasons for their lack of support it can help maybe get that person involved. Explain why the decision to exercise is important to you.

Other options are to get the children involved (if you have your own of course, don't go stealing any), find a family activity such as a game of football or rounders. Big family walks are always a treasured moment in my eyes and you can find new locations.

3. It's too expensive

Health club prices can be CRAZY expensive! Trust me, I have worked at one long enough to know this! But if you have WIFI at home, then you are good to go. Book a slot out in your busy schedule, set your laptop, tablet or phone up and get moving. Youtube offer so many wonderful exercise options, there is bound to be something you will love, whether that is strength training, a HIIT workout, a dance class, yoga, Pilates or anything else, you will find it. which leads me nicely on to my next point....

4. I do not enjoy exercise

This is something I have seen so often over the years. People sign up to the gym but actually do not enjoy the gym AT ALL! Whether it is the environment or atmosphere, how they perceive themselves in that environment or just point blank hate the idea of exercising.

Join a dance group, gymnastics club, a run club (#crawleyruncrew), trampolining club (these are soooooooo much fun), pole dancing, hiking, yoga, netball teams, hockey clubs........etc. I mean the list goes on! Exercise can create so many sociable situations. Exercise clubs can be the most uplifting places to go. They come with friendships, support, health benefits, social lives and more. Have a think about what you loved doing when you were younger.

5. I need to train 5x a week to see the benefit = LIES

Not true. Any exercise is beneficial. Something is always better than nothing. And often, if you begin with one session a week, this will snow ball in to gradually adding more.

Also, like I said above, if you find something you really enjoy, chances are you will want to do it more. Also finding those like minded people can be really emotionally and mentally uplifting.

6. I feel too self conscious

Ok, this can be really tough to overcome. But I can 100% assure you that a huge percentage of people feel the same. The girls that come in in their stunning outfits and makeup, the lads lifting heavy weights, the people in classes, they all have an element of insecurity. It's a really tough feeling. So start simply. A personal trainer can help to support you can build your confidence, your understanding of why we do what exercise and how everything works. Setting a time and place to meet a trainer can be an excellent way to stick to routine and feel more at ease in the gym environment.

Use the reasons why you want to exercise as a reason for getting yourself to the gym. Plan what you plan to do when you get to the gym and write it down. Put some of your favourite tunes on to distract you and motivate you.

7. I'm just too lazy

Well, yes we all have those days. Some people are really more lazy than others and different things motivate different people.

Don't run before you can walk. Start slow. begin with walks, maybe ask to borrow your friends dog. Dogs are just wonderful in every way!!

Think about what time of day you feel you have most energy. Makes sense right! If you are not a morning person, then plan an activity with your friend after work. Work to your strengths (Mayoclinic, 2019).

Let's Do This.....

Take each of these points in and see whether they apply to you. Take the all points in to your stride. Do what feels right for you. Take the nuggets of advice that feel right. No one knows you better than you, your reasons, your purpose and your whys.


Accessed on: 28.11.2021

Accessed on: 28.11.2021

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