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Exercising and the Heat


​How hot has it been?? UNBEARABLE!!

This email is just a reminder when it comes to training in this heat.

  • Drink - before, during and after. Try to be hydrated fully before starting any activity, this will make the workout feel more comfortable, and recovery will be better. If you are training for an hour or more it maybe a good idea to have a drink with some electrolytes and glucose and you will lose more during your workout than normal. If not, you may find you are more fatigued than normal.

  • Wear sun cream if outside- preferably a factor 30 or above. You'll be sweating a lot of it off.

  • Maybe take it a bit slower. This might seem unhelpful or not part of your progress, but if you want to train, then work to what your body can manage with the hotter temperatures.

  • If you're outdoors, please wear a cap/hat or sunglasses.

  • Dry fit clothing will only do so much, but wear comfortable clothes, sportswear is made to help whisk away moisture from the skin.

  • Did I mention to water? Food can also be hydrating such as fruits and vegetable.

  • Eating can be tough in this heat, so make sure you have a snack before training. A banana 1hour or so before hand can help boost performance.

  • Train either earlier or later on in the day when the temperatures are not as extreme.

So simple, but also easily forgotten. Note: If you are pregnant, your natural body temperature will be slightly elevated. When you train it is essential not to overheat for both yourself and the baby.

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