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Post Christmas Weight Loss

Did you have a heavy Christmas? As in, did you eat a ton of food, drink a fair bit of alcohol and did you sleep schedule get totally out of sync?

Well let's be honest, it wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't.

But do you find that this often comes with guilt or feeling like rubbish for the next couple of weeks? I have compiled a few hints and tips to help you get back on track and feel a little lighter and fresher ready for the new year.

Firstly, why have I gained so much weight in these last few days??

  1. Higher salt intake than usual - salt can create water retention, which will translate on tot he scales

  2. Carbs work like salt, they retain water. For every 1g of glycogen (carbs) stored in the body, you retain up to about 3g of water (hence why low carbohydrate diets help shift a load of water weight in the first week)

  3. You ate later than usual - If you usually finish eating at say 7pm and suddenly you're still drinking and munching by 9pm, that will show on your scales

  4. How are you doing sleep wise and how are your stress levels? They can affect how much your body will weigh

  5. For women, a huge role can be your menstrual cycle, for me personally, I tend to just hoover up food when I'm due on and bloat right out!

So how can we counteract these feelings of pure gluttony and greed!

Forget about it

Often what comes with lack of movement and over eating is guilt. Please don't. You have enjoyed this special seasonal time with amazing people in your life and that's how it should be. Why should that come with guilt. Look as today as a day to reset and restart a fresh, not Monday, not January 1st, today.

Reset your sleeping pattern

This can help control and manage your hunger. Sleep allows our hormones to become more balanced which can help our hunger hormones stay on track. Also it will create better quality sleep which can help lift your mood too.

Begin your day with water

Yes, random maybe. But give it a go. Hydration can do so much for you! From better concentration, more energy, less likely to confuse thirst for hunger, and so much more. Staying hydrated throughout the day can be a real help. Also bare in mind how much of your body is actually made up of water, the rest is mostly proteins, which brings us nicely on to...

Eat higher protein meals

While you're feeling bloated and a bit sluggish, it may help to make sure your meals are a little bit smaller by fuelling up on protein. Protein has a higher Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) than other macronutrients (carbohydrates and fats) which basically means it will consume more energy (calories) being digested. They also massively fill you up in comparison to other foods which can help you reduce your overall intake.

High fibre foods are important too!

Accompany your high protein meals with a small portion of high fibre foods such as fruit and vegetables, brown rice and pasta or breads. The high fibre content within your food can help ease the bloating by allowing you to go to the toilet comfortably and help reduce that bloating feeling. Being regular can have a massive effect on your energy, comfort and motivation.

DO NOT try cleanses or fad diets!

This is very important from two points of view. One you mentally get in to the cycle of cleanse/restrict and binge, this can have a real detrimental effect on your mental health. Secondly, your body can do a pretty damn amazing job at cleansing itself. Firstly via the gut and secondly via the liver. So let your body run it's natural course. Do not waste your money.

If you can, Exercise

If you can get out for a walk, or do a quick a workout at home or at the gym then go for it. It can help you put your mind to rest and help you begin to feel a little bit more normal maybe. If you aren't feeling up to exercising, then just get some steps in. Fresh air can do wonders for your mental health and just getting your body moving.

And remember, taking a few days off from your usual routine won't cause weight gain. Just like weight loss isn't a quick results event either.

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