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What do you love to do

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I briefly covered this on my Instagram but thought I would delve a little deeper.

Exercise doesn't have to be a program of weight training, to run long distance or a fast 5km. Exercise can be something you do regularly to ensure you gain some health benefit from it.

For me, when I do not have the energy to lift weights, I walk instead. I walk briskly with the dogs and make sure I get warm.


When you have a love or passion for what you do, then the rest will fall into place. Yes I m a personal trainer, so should be selling you programs or 1-2-1 sessions but why do that when long term it may not work.

I want to be able to show you how you can get fit and/or change your shape. I am here to make sure you lift safely and effectively and that you push yourself that little bit more.


Do you have a hobby? When you get round to doing that activity, does it feel like a chore, like you cannot wait for it to end? Exercise should feel like a hobby. Something you can love and look forward to. Something that you will make time for each week, so that you can benefit not only physically but mentally too. When you enjoy something, you try harder, you push yourself that little bit more. From that, you see those changes and benefits much faster.


If you love something, you try harder. Simple. If you enjoy it, it is more likely to become part of your routine. You will naturally make time for it. When I was training for my triple marathon I was super excited. I had programmed for 6 months ahead of my event and I worked on all sorts of elements. I could feel myself getting fitter and being able to manage the high number of miles and still feel ok. I looked forward to each training session.

Soon, even when training had finished, I still continued to run. I maintained a good half marathon under my belt each weekend because it was part of my routine. Also I hadn't thought past my event, which seemed short sighted, but I enjoyed the run, podcast on and off I went.

Having a passion for that thing you love will help you

  1. make it a habit

  2. keep you going on those days when you cant be bothered

  3. give you more energy to do it

  4. just enjoy the activity

There are literally a million things you could do, the list is endless!

Horse riding




Weight lifting

Power lifting





Fitness classes




Water sports

And so so so so many more!

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