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Good vs Bad Food

So my mate today said "I'm having a treat lunch today". Why was it considered a treat.

Our society has a very disordered way of looking at food and it is very destructive. I have been stuck in a hole many of times because I felt I needed to only eat "good food" only and would beat myself up many of times if I ate any foods deemed "bad".

The thing is you, can lose weight on a diet entirely made up on McDonalds but you probably wouldn't feel great. Lethargic maybe, bit shit.

It is almost better to consider looking at foods that have slightly higher or lower nutritional value. I mean, I doubt I could go a whole day without eating come kind of chocolate or sweets. I also have a passion for baking so that doesn't help! But I track my calories and protein. This way I can eat foods that I enjoy that have a high nutritional value AND eat those highly palatable foods that I just love.

For me, tracking foods isn't about losing weight. I track my daily food intake to ensure I hit my weekly target of foods from plant origin (around 30 each week), that I hit my protein target and that I don't go over board! My weight fluctuates so much anyway, that I don't overly worry about it.

The reason I focus on plant foods, which includes nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, veg, legumes, is because it provides me with lots of fibre and it provides my gut with loads of good gut bacteria. I spent so many years in agony with IBS, that I wanted to ensure I ate well for that. I am now also aware of foods that do not agree with me.

We need to focus on our overall health, and as boring as it is, we can eat a variety of foods. No food is actually good and bad really is it! Some are just more calorific! There were years of my life I would feel guilty if I ate a little chocolate, that I would punish myself with hours at the gym, what kind of life is that?!

Put your focus on being the healthiest version of you, not the skinniest or the leanest or someone who eats good or bad food, but someone who enjoys variety, someone who can enjoy meals out with friends and family, and someone who can be an amazing role model for the next generation.

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