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These prices are set for face to face personal training sessions

FREE CONSULTATION - 1 hour consultation to discuss realistic and exciting new goals.

1 off sessions - £50

A great way to see whether personal training is for you. We will run through correct movement, work at your pace and understand the value of personal training and how it can strongly benefit you

4 Pack - £168

A great way to pay monthly for a sessions. Made for a weekly session to keep you on track and accountable. Our regular contact will mean you are more likely to hit those all important goals.


8 pack - £336

Do you have an event coming up with not much time to plan? An 8 pack can benefit you by making you more accountable. A great investment to your health and wellbeing.

12 Pack - £504

This pack can be used how you wish! guaranteeing yourself results and noticeable changes to yourself inside and out. 3 Months is a great amount of time to gain real insight and habit changes to allow you to lead a healthier stronger life. 

Group personal training 4 pack - £200

Sharing the cost allows you to gain confidence with a friend by your side. We will train together to maximise benefits for you both and make sure you both have an amazing learning journey. We will still provide programming and assistance with nutrition. 

Group personal training 8 pack - £400

Setting yourself training goals together will keep you more accountable, not just to me but each other. Setting future training sessions each will will ensure you stay on track. 

A cancellation within 24hours will result in a cost of 50% payment of the session

The cost includes our weekly session, programming, a nutritional element, check-ins, continuous What's app communication and, if it is suited to your goal, measurements.

REFERREL SCHEME - For any client that refers a friend, will receive a free personal training session and so will their friend

Payments can be made either directly in bank transfer or cash.

Fitness Equipment

Nutritional coaching

If you are happy with your training but your nutrition requires more direction then that is an option too. Nutrition can play a huge role in your training success, whether it's weight loss or hypertrophy. We will have regular contact points to maximise success and I will provide you with tools to continue confidently. We will have a weekly check-in, either via email, audio call or video call, calories and macronutrients calculated, recipes and regular What's app communication.

£85 PCM

Online Programming   
We offer a service which gives you direction on your own terms and to train in your own time. We provide the program, and you do the sessions, with our support and guidance, weekly email, audio call or video call check-ins, continuous What's app communication. Together we will monitor your strength progress, photo progress and measurement changes.  

£75 PCM

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