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So, most trainers (including me) will encourage clients to drink plenty of water every single day. But how much do you actually need? The truth is, your body is incredibly smart at how it manages its water levels. When you are thirsty your body is asking for hydration. The moment you begin to drink, your body will tell you that it is happy again. Your kidneys play a huge role in how water levels are managed and how much urine you expel. If you are a little dehydrated, the kidneys will filter water back in to your blood stream, which then causes you to expel urine less and the concentration of your urine is a lot higher.

As a trainer I encourage clients to drink more water as it encourages better concentration, higher levels of energy, better performance in the gym or outside, and many more reasons. If weight loss is your goal, your body could possibly lose some water weight simply by drinking more and reducing water retention. High levels of carbohydrates will also play a role in how much water your body holds on to. As for every 1g of carbs your body will hold 3g of water. This is why carb cutting is so effective in rapid weight loss. If you don't eat carbs, you are suddenly not holding on to that water.

As a general rule, how much you drink is very individual and very unique between people for many different reasons. You need to do what feels right for you, how much you drink and how often, and what type of fluid intake.

What counts as water intake

  • Water

  • Flavoured water

  • Herbal Teas

  • Tea and Coffee

  • Fizzy drinks

  • Energy drinks

  • Fruit juice

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Milks

How much I drink each day varies depending on my activity. But I do drink plenty to ensure I perform at my best. And of course, there are days that I drink more and days I realise i barely drink a thing. Swings and roundabouts right.

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