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WALK THIS WAY! (talk this way)

Have you managed to get all your steps in today? Do you track your steps?

Walking has so many benefits, that if you said to me, that all I'm doing this week, that would still be a brilliant week for activity.

  • Walking can reduce the risk of health-related illnesses. Aiming to walk those magical 10,000 steps a day (building it up gradually if you've been having a little break), can reduce obesity related diseases, such as lowering the risk of heart disease and almost halving the risk of Alzheimer's.

  • Daily walking can improve your V02 max, which increases your body's ability to take in oxygen and use it effectively within the body.

  • It also has the ability to improve your concentration, which makes it an ideal lunch time activity

  • The release of endorphins makes it a great mood booster. Not only that, but walking can also increase your daily vitamin D uptake, which your body can store for those less sunny days.

  • Walking can help maintain a healthier BMI. People who consciously get out regularly and stay active, tend to make healthier choices and maintain better health.

  • Working the entire body. Walking is a full body activity and is an excellent addition to any personalized exercise program. It is also known to help improve bone strength which makes it a perfect form of exercise for older generations.

  • If you're digestion can be a bit sluggish, then walking is for you! It can really help digestion and keep your bowels in good working order.

  • Walking can also help reduce pain for anyone suffering with arthritis - source from

On days you feel like staying in, aim for only 10minutes. Often you will happily do more once you're out, and if you still don't fancy it when you're out, then at least you got a few steps in!

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